.Kat Post
Tennis/ Fitness Instructor, competitive cyclist

Teaching tennis requires that I be fit and injury free. After a fall on my mountain bike I developed tennis elbow in my right arm. Being right handed it was hampering my ability to teach. It got to the point that lifting a pillow off the bed while lying down caused pain. I began laser therapy with Dave and began to feel improvement immediately. I went twice a week for 3 weeks and on the last session I could tell that I was back to my pre-injury status. I'm teaching pain free and lifting weights again. Thanks Dave!


.Michael Allison
Business Owner, Fitness Fanatic

Upon running a 15km race followed by a 100 mile bicycle ride 2 days later, I experienced severe IT Band irritation. I began icing and stretching and seeking formal physical therapy care immediately. However, after 6 weeks, the IT Band remained seriously inflamed, tight and painful. I was caught in a vicious cycle of increasing inflammation with any and all activity. I began laser treatments with Dave Everett and within 2 weeks of 3 treatments a week, the inflammation significantly decreased, and I was able to resume activity again without irritation and pain. I have been able to return to my normal levels of activity and the IT Band has remained pain free ever since, thanks to Doctor Dave.


.Jeff Minc
AVP Tour Professional

Since first using LIPT with Dave I have felt significantly less pain in my lower back and shoulder as well as increased mobility and strength. Each treatment is immediately effective while at the same time quick and painless (unlike some other therapeutic procedures I have tried in the past). I now have more confidence during my workouts and practices which has lead to better performance in my games. LIPT is good for athletes of any age and skill level as well as non-athletes trying to rehabilitate and injury. Thanks again Dave. -Jeff Minc


.Daven Casad-Allison
AVP Tour Professional

Dave has given me several laser treatments and I have noticed significant results. The pain I usually experience in my shoulder and knee dissipates fairly quickly after each treatment. Because of this my workouts are more comfortable and affective. If I could get treatment before and after each of my workouts I would. I recommend the laser for anyone who wants to see results.



.Emma Rollin Moore
Yoga Instructor - Personal Trainer - Runner – Triathlete

Dave has helped me sustain my active lifestyle with a quicker recovery time and injury prevention through massage and laser therapy. What is more, his utmost knowledge and precision gives me the confidence to recommend him to anyone who has ever had an injury or is looking for a way to increase recovery time.